Wednesday, 3 April 2013

while you were sleeping

while you were sleeping
i tried to go about my day,
tried to separate myself
from the miraculous 
wound around space
and over time
that connects you
to me.

while you were sleeping
i went to work to earn
my dancing shoe money.

while you were sleeping
i cursed time and space
and hemispheres and gravity
and everything that separates
from me.

while you were sleeping
i tried not to think of
happily ever after
and horses in the hamptons
or the adirondacks.

... but really
i want to flawlessly step
into the fairytale,
i dream of a seamless
transition from cinderella's 
stepsister to being the beat
of your prince charming heart.
with a sense that isn't literal
i dream of flying through 
hemispheres and 
surfing mountains,
i want to grab hope
by the gonads,
demand a pay off 
for my endless devotion.

while you were sleeping.

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