Monday, 14 April 2014


deciding to embrace mediocrity
as a step out of the void
i write a pome
it will not be full of insight
right now
i am a shallow puddle
place my fantasies
in the hands of strangers
i remain in the cave
i never promised you...

i do have dreams of my own
diary entries in tattered suitcases
if my life really were
a car accident
then i probably look away
so where do i stand?
or sit?
at your notebooks
a voice whispers
at your notebooks.


  1. Some very nice lines there RC, the "shallow puddle" and "diary entries" ones in particular.

  2. Why look away? Reminds me of how people spontaneously go outside themselves during the crash and see it as if it's someone else. Of course, it's not but there's a reason for it.